In order to Work Abroad, every applicant must meet certain requirements like getting a job and work visa. Our experts will assist you with rewriting your CV/Resume, finding jobs, preparing for interviews, negotiating a good pay, getting a work visa, registering and writing all necessary test and medical.

We offer no interest, no collateral, no guarantor loans to qualified candidates to pursue their work abroad dreams.

We have successfully helped individuals relocate to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the middle east, and parts of Europe. You can always count on the expertise of our staffs and partners in Ibadan Nigeria, Dubai UAE, Doha Qatar, Mumbai India, Freetown Sierra Leone, Accra Ghana, Monrovia Liberia, and Salt Lake City Utah in the USA.


  • All applicants must register as a user on our website.
  • All applicants must complete the “Work Abroad” form on our website. This form enables you to provide us with all the information we’ll need to make suitable recommendations for your application. 
  • All applicants must pay the nonrefundable consultation fee of $10.99, using a debit card, credit card or atm card, to submit the consultation form. The system will not allow you to submit your application without payment. You can contact us for alternative payment arrangements if you are having issues with making payments or if you don’t have a debit card, credit card or atm card.
  • After successfully submitting the application, our experts will get back to you with the most suitable recommendations for your situation within 24 hours. The result will include recommendations on what country you can work in and what opportunities you may qualify for. We will also include a step by step estimate of how much the whole process will cost you.  Well-qualified candidates will also be offered loans and sponsorship options.  
  • The final step involves you making the decision and commitment to move forward with the process or have us review other alternatives for your situation. 
  • Once a decision is made to move forward, we require that you sign a contract containing each party’s obligation as related to the work abroad process. 
  • Once the contract is signed, we request that all deposits and documents be provided within 24 hours of signing the contract. We will start working on your application immediately after all payments and documents, as stipulated in the agreement, are received. 
  • Note that all cancellation or refund request must be done in accordance with our refund policy as found in our term of use.
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Latest Jobs Location Potential Monthly Pay
1.Nanny Dubai $1,000
2.Driver Dubai $1,000
3.IT Specialist Canada $5,000
4.Web Designer Canada $5,000
5.Nurse Canada, Dubai $5,000
6.Graphics Designer Canada $3,500
7.Professor Multiple Locations Varies
8.Babysitter Canada $2,500
9.Caregiver Canada $2,500
10.Security Guard Qatar, Dubai $1,200

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I was approved for a U.S student visa after consulting with Across The Horizon after two previous denials.

Tejuola A.


No other company does it better than Across The Horizon when it comes to working abroad in Canada. They helped…

Amarachi N.


Across The Horizon assisted me in completing all the necessary process of getting my visa and tickets to go visit…

Daniel K.

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