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Across The Horizon Referral Program

Join the most rewarding referral program on the planet and start winning big.

How it works

The process is simple and it takes a minute to register.

  1. You register to become a member on our platform. The registration process is fast and only takes a minute.
  2. You upgrade your account to one of our premium membership
  3. You access your referral link and track referral earning by clicking on the “Referral Program” tab on your dashboard after logging into your account.
  4. Start sharing your referral link with friends, colleagues, ad family members.
  5. Encourage your referrals to sign up and upgrade.
  6. Watch your points add up and redeem them for cash

Referral Earning Calculation

1 upgraded Referral = 100 Naira.

Minimum of 500 Naira required to cash out.

Other Incentives

  • Earn a bonus of 5,000 Naira for every 100 signups and upgrade.
  • Earn an additional bonus of 20,000 Naira after you sign up and upgrade 1000 people.
  • Earn a two-weeks all-expense paid trip to the United States or Canada after you sign up and upgraded 5000 people, or get the cash equivalent.

The best part is that we’ll even add 100 Naira to your account after your first referral registers and upgrades.

It’s that simple. Click here to get started today!

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