4 Great Places to Visit in Denver

Featured image provided by Mcwhinney


Founded in 1858, Denver is a city that is steeped in Wild West History. For a first time visitor without any local friends to show you around, the locations can seem a little intimidating. While no single guide can every truly tell you everything there is to know about a city, it is always good to have a few destinations in mind already when you visit someplace. We assembled this guide to help you navigate your first time in The Mile High City.


Denver Botanical Garden

One of the top five botanical gardens in the nation, the Denver Botanical Garden is a showcase for flowers and fauna from around the world. Regular yearly events for a constantly changing scenery, the location is ideal for a visiting nature lover. An idyllic vision of beauty, the gardens are a popular attraction for both visitors of the city as well as Denver natives.


Union Station

At over 100 years old, the recently renovated union station is a great stop for any history buffs, or for those looking to do some shopping. You can take tours of the station and pick up some historical facts, or even stay in the recently renovated Crawford Hotel, a historic location with a modern luxury style. A great central location to downtown Denver that is great for visitors to the city who have a love of history or just want to see what shopping in Denver has to offer.


Red Rock Park and Amphitheater

One of the best parts of Denver is how close it is to the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountain region. From U.S. News “Occupying nearly 900 acres, this impressive park offers visitors the opportunity to experience the fascinating geographic transition between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains.” The park also features a walking path and an amphitheater which is a naturally framed acoustic experience.


Molly Brown House Museum

A historical Victorian Era house that was owned by Titanic survivor Molly Brown, the Molly Brown House Museum is a look back at a simpler time in American History. From Molly Brown “Through paint analysis, architectural research, and studying original house photographs from 1910, the house has been carefully restored to its original Victorian splendor.”


Visiting a new city for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience. We hope that this guide helped give you an idea of the kinds of sights to see in Denver, and will inspire you to seek out more that the Mile High City has to offer.