by Across The Horizon 2018-08-27

Do Not Let These Five Myths Stop You from Visiting Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is the cultural and economic hub of Nigeria, a megacity filled with exploding music and arts scene. The city of Lagos welcomes visitors around the world daily, offering activities that will keep you busy far past dawn. The splendor of this city that is often called ?a no man?s…

by Across The Horizon 2018-08-27

5 Colorado Attractions You Need to Visit

No matter where you end up, there are always fun and interesting places to visit. While Colorado is well-known for its hiking, ski resorts, and other outdoor activities, there are some hidden gems that you may not have heard of that definitely need to be included on your next trip.…

by Across The Horizon 2018-08-27

5 Must-See Locations in the United States

Are you ready to hit the road, but then think, ?where should I go visit??. Well, all fifty states have great places to visit so the choices may be challenging. Let?s use an RV to travel in style to these must-see locations that have the best RV camping sites. This…

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