by Across The Horizon 2019-05-15

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad

NAFSA, the leading organization committed to international education and exchange…, researchers have measured the impact of study abroad and other international learning experiences have found that they have a positive impact on academic, educational, and professional outcome measures. Looking for an excuse or convincing reason to study abroad? Here are…

by Across The Horizon 2018-08-27

Do Not Let These Five Myths Stop You from Visiting Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is the cultural and economic hub of Nigeria, a megacity filled with exploding music and arts scene. The city of Lagos welcomes visitors around the world daily, offering activities that will keep you busy far past dawn. The splendor of this city that is often called ?a no man?s…

by Across The Horizon 2018-06-04

3 Easy Steps to Getting Your Dream Job After Graduation

Get an Internship. Internships are a great way to gain work skills and experience in any field of study. Some popular places to intern include Local Banks, NGO’s, and Governmental Ministries or Departments.  The work experience gained from interning with local or well-respected organizations will go a long way towards…

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