We are tackling youth-related poverty across Africa. We believe that quality education, marketable skills, dignified jobs, funding to pursue sustainable small business ideas, and freedom to travel for leisure or work are the cornerstone to becoming self-reliant.

Our mission is to empower Africans, especially young Africans, with the necessary resources to reach their educational, career, financial, and travel goals.

We partner with and are supported by various individuals and organizations across all seven continents as we work to end youth-related poverty across the continent, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals.

Based in Nigeria and the United States, our team consist of engineers, designers, recruiters, travel specialist, volunteers, career coaches, consultants, and lawyers across three continents – Africa, Asia, and North America.

Opportunities on our mobile and web-based platform include study abroad, work abroad, scholarships, entrepreneurship fund, job board, interest & collateral free loan, educational and travel contents.