Get up to $5000 in loans with no interest or collateral required. Our loans are paid out through bank transfers within 24 hours after approval. Premium Membership Required.

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Study Abroad

We can help you study abroad in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most part of Europe, and Asia. Scholarship, Sponsorship, and loan opportunities available.

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Work Abroad

We can help you find a job and relocate abroad to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. Sponsorship and loan opportunities available.

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Across The Horizon annual scholarship competition is open to citizens and residents of any African country. Successful applicants can win up to $1000 towards school fees, school-related expenses, starting a business, or learning an in-demand skill like coding, web design, graphics design, photography, videography, software development, mobile app development, fashion design, make-up and make-over, solar Installation, and maintenance.

The free application for the 2019 rounds will open on May 1st at 12:00 AM WAT and close on July 1st at 12:00 AM WAT. Winners will be announced August 1st at 12:00 AM WAT.

Winners will be selected solely on the basis of the responses provided on their application and not on the basis of tribe, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, height, weight, and marital status.

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Across Afrika

Across Afrika is an interesting journey that seeks to explore the hidden and unappreciated beauty, talents, trailblazers, and opportunities on the beloved African continent.

Join our team as they journey across the continent to bring you new and exciting content from across Afrika.

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