Six Ways Traveling Across Africa Changes Your Life For The Better

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May 18, 2018
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May 18, 2018

Six Ways Traveling Across Africa Changes Your Life For The Better

There is no place like Africa on earth for rich cultures, traditions, wild lands and wildlife. Traveling across Africa is a fairy tale journey submerged in suspense and mind-blowing events. Every village, town, and megacity in this continent has its myth and legend, undeniable charm and magnificent views that will prepare you to fall in love. At the end of your trip on the continent, you will return to the beautiful pictures taken on your trip to relive and reminisce about the moments and things you’ve learned. Traveling across Africa can change your life for the better in the following ways:

Passion to Learn is Birthed in Africa

The passion for learning is ignited in Africa, with the many cultures, traditions, cuisine, and languages. The first university of higher learning was built in. African are known for their penchant for knowledge and probably why people from Nigeria, the most populous black country are the most educated of any immigrant group from Africa in the United States. Asides from all the opportunities for learning about the origin of man, rare animal and plant species, minimalist way of live, gratitude and doing more with less, you would also be able to do things like go snorkeling in some of the finest spots, go skydiving, go on hiking trips to difficult terrains, go camping under the stars, and explore the cradle of man.

You Will Fall in Love With Life

If there is a place on earth to fall in love with life while appreciating nature, it is Africa. Some destinations may not have much but the peace spread on the faces of the people speaks volume. Whether you are visiting a tiny village in Mali, or the megacity of Abuja, you will see things in a positive direction. The euphoria of discovering new things and experience the wonders of life inspired by the people and nature is amazing.

You Become Free and Empowered

Leaving home for any African country is an absolute freedom, especially if you are traveling from a different continent. Africa will your freedom and the confidence you may have lacked before and empower you to take daring decisions in life.

Some of the ways you think, believe and do things are going to change when you travel. Africa provides you with different cultural differences, beliefs, and lifestyles. At the end of the sojourn, you will realize that you have been able to accommodate these differences and appreciate people the way they live.

Africa Makes You More Flexible

Lots of things about Africa are unpredictable. You make sure to bring the fearless, creative and spontaneous side of you because some day to day services like a scheduled bus or train services are limited to urban areas, or nonexistent. And if you are the type that’s very spontaneous, this experience will teach you how to be flexible and take it one day at a time because you may not be able to plan your daily activities and travel to the barest details. Be rest assured that the best things of life will surely come to you as you adapt to the continent’s unpredictable lifestyle.

You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

You are pulled out of your comfort zone when you travel across Africa. Many things may catch you unaware. You will have countless opportunities to mingle with strangers and make new friends. Africans will teach you the importance of getting out of your shell by randomly inviting you over to share a meal, their space, or even a cup of their favorite local beer, gin, or wine.

Moving around Africa will leave you wondering about the many beautiful things you’ve been missing out on by not stepping out of your shell. Now, you have been released from the comfort zone, every tourist zone is your home. While traveling you will understand that some of your vitals needs are not as important as they looked. You easily reevaluate some things and adopt a better way of thinking.

You Wil Become A Foodie

Talk about delicacy, spices, and character, Africa has it all. The local meals will be a highlight of your trip long after your trip is over. The African cuisine is rich and plentiful. Sample meals are Fried Rice and Suya in Nigeria, Fufu and Peanut Stew in Ghana, Potato Leaves and Rice in Sierra Leone, Chakalaka and Pap in South Africa, Nyama Choma in Kenya, and Couscous and Beef in Morocco. These meals are decadent, savory, innovative, fresh, and favorable, all wrapped together to melt your heart and rock the taste buds.

In conclusion, we know there is more to learn from visiting this beautiful continent, and guess what, you wouldn’t be spending a fortune doing it because Africa traveling, lodging, and feeding is very affordable. Your future self will have you to thank for taking this trip in years to come.

Sunday Paul Adah
Sunday Paul Adah
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